Method seminars

The seminars are held at Institute of Polish Language PAN in Kraków, or during the COVID-19 pandemic online, at roughly biweekly basis. Depending on the group, the language is Polish or English. If you have detailed questions, do contact us at csg email.

The topics we’ve been covering


Topic Modeling seminar created and conducted by Maciej Eder.

Topic Modeling seminar created and conducted by Albert Leśniak and Wojciech Łukasik.

Tutorial on topic modeling for Polish using Spacy PL model

Necessary installations:

  1. BeautifulSoup (pip install bs4)
  2. lxml (pip install lxml)
  3. tqdm (pip install tqdm)
  4. corpus (git clone

Keyword extraction


Comparing texts - divergence, distances

Reading group

Our activities also include biweekly reading group meetings in which we discuss essential and novel works related to our (mostly stylometric) interests.